We are closed as of Sunday the 20th of December
and until the Covid situation has gotten that much better
that it makes sense for a small place like ours
to be open.
We will of course let you know - both here and on social media -
when we will open again!
In the meaantime:
Have a good Christmas you all,
and a whole lot better 2021! :)

As our name suggests, we're a bistro like place
located just around the corner from the vibrant Hakaniemi square.
We might not have white tablecloths or even table service,
but we do take general happiness very seriously.

The most serious of our staff are the ones working in the kitchen.
They refuse to get a microwave oven, and even force the waitresses to warm customers possible baby foods in water baths!
Despite our unmodern methods, we do dare to claim that
our food is pretty good.

Our kitchen is open:
MON - THUR until 9:15 pm
FRI - SAT until 10:15 pm
SUN until 8 pm.

On weekdays we have lunch until 2:30 pm

You can also get our food delivered
by clicking on the QR code below!

Your dog (or cat) is also welcomed at our place
if you don't mind that we give him/her treats!

In the evenings, the age limit at Kuja is 21.